Apply for CcHub’s incubation program

CcHub is an incubator which lies and operates from the very popular Yabacon valley, Yaba, Lagos. The hub can be said to be one of the most active in the tech space, as they have incubated and invested in many start-ups in our ecosystem, the most recent being LifeBank. Start-ups need help as much as they need money, yeah?

The Incubation program at CcHUB provides a hands-on approach to helping entrepreneurs execute a working business model and grow a sustainable business. They set out their goal as being to help the entrepreneur(s) properly structure their business, ensure consistent growth and access funding to build a lasting global entity. The duration for this program is 12 months.



In a case where your application is accepted, here are the benefits:

  • Equity financing of up to $25,000 to run your operations during the program. What’s more? Startups will get direct access to possible follow-on capital of up to $250,000 from the Growth Capital fund.
  • Office space for up to 6 team members, high speed internet, meeting rooms & more.
  • Hands-on support: ┬áBusiness strategy, financial management, recruitment, product development (advisory).
  • Access to experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts via mentorship.
  • Access to our network of corporate partners.
  • Access to investors for funding post-incubation.
  • $15,000 Amazon Web Services Promotional credit and more products from partners.
  • CcHUB takes 7 % equity in startups that are accepted into the program.



To be eligible to attend this program, you must,

  • Be developing a solution for the Nigerian market.
  • Be ready to work from CcHub’s space in Yaba, Lagos.
  • Have customers
  • Be getting revenues already.



All applications should be submitted before 16th March, 2018 at 10:59pm. Do note that applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis until all spaces are filled. Start-up founders are encouraged to send in their applications as soon as possible.

Interested? Apply here