Apply to attend Connecticut’s funding event, VentureClash

VentureClash comes as a global $5 million pitch competition that gathers together some of the most promising early-stage companies in Digital Health, Fintech, Insurtech and IoT innovations. Companies operating in any of these sectors will be joined by experts, investors, entrepreneurs, customers and educators and the ones who make it to the Finals, will be required to pitch to a panel of judges live for a chance of funding.

VentureClash is organized by Connecticut. It is Connecticut’s global venture challenge for early-stage digital health and fintech companies. Winners would not only get company investments, VentureClash awardees also benefit from introductions to a network of potential customers, investors, mentors and talent, which is greatly needed.


Here’s why they love those sectors

FinTech: It is believed that Fintech is transforming the way we view financial services, including insurance, wealth management, lending, payments and secure transactions.

Digital Health: Digital Health promises to play a considerable role in transforming health care—an industry that is rapidly “going digital” and is therefore ripe for disruption.

Insurtech: A whole lot of people are creating breakthrough technologies to create a better, more user-friendly experience for others who buy insurance (so, all of us). Where better to grow an Insurtech startup than Connecticut, the Insurance Capital of the World?

The Internet of Things: The Internet of Things is definitely changing the way we manage our homes, our health and even our factories.



*You must have been in business for at least 12 months
*You must operate in any of the above sectors
*You must have a compelling reason to be in Connecticut?

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