Apply: World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) Accelerator Program 2018-2019

The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) comes as an initiative of Qatar Foundation (QF), which was designed to support the development of innovative education initiatives with high potential for scalability and positive impact. Also, as tradition demands, the call for application for the 2018-2019 WISE Accelerator is now open!


This innovation summit and accelerator is targeted at those who have recently, launched an education project or venture that is using or designing new technologies. To be considered, the project must have progressed beyond proof of concept.


WISE Accelerator requires that you are confident of your goals. And if selected, you would be a beneficiary of perspectives and specialized assistance from experts. The program gives you a platform to develop your project and connect with new partners or investors, for the sake of scalability, increased impact and growth.


From the usually large pool of applications, only five projects are selected on an annual basis to join the one-year program. Selected projects would benefit from the guidance and expertise of qualified mentors and partners who provide effective strategies and practical support for their further development.


All through the duration of the program, projects get tailor-made mentorships to address specific needs. The WISE Accelerator assists the selected projects to connect with an international network, and create opportunities to share knowledge and find support among potential donors and investors.



Eligible candidates for the application to WISE Accelerator must have the following attributes.


  • Established for at least one year;
  • A growing number of beneficiaries or customers;
  • A record of activities with a product or service that has been implemented and beyond proof of concept;
  • Existing stable revenues;
  • A dedicated team, with an established physical space or office;
  • Deep knowledge of the market/educational context and of their beneficiaries’ or customers’ needs;
  • Motivation to develop further;
  • Understanding of the project’s current challenges.


The following criteria are used and considered to assess received applications.

  • Solution and innovation.
  • Strategy and management.
  • Development beyond proof of concept and potential for growth.
  • Knowledge of the market/space where they operate.

So, EdTech guys, you think you are a fit for these criteria? Go ahead to submit your application here ( Deadline is April 24th, 2018.