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FinTech Lagos – Global Startup Challenge 2017

Edge 196, an initiative by NRI Startup India, is a platform for startups around the globe to participate in a Global Startup Challenge. The programme is organized to empower fintech startups by bringing them forward and showcasing their products and ideas. 

For FinTech Startups in Nigeria, Ghana, Tunisia, Algeria  and 23 other countries, Edge 196 has brought an initiative to empower startups across the globe. The challenge spans across 26 Global clusters (in 196 countries) to identify startups that have the potential to become the next unicorn in the world.

The short-listed startup which includes 3 from each cluster will compete to get the term sheets and acceleration program.

The competition is worldwide and open to all countries through 26 clusters and competitors stand a chance to get benefits of Investments, Global Market Access, Startup summit, continuity investments and accelerations. So for the winning startups from each of the 26 clusters, there will be an investment of 50000 USD  and a  finalist will be chosen for the prize of 1 million USD.

In total, competitors have access to investments worth 2.3 Million USD, Acceleration program, Startup Summit participation and Continuity Investment.

The application is live now and ends on the 10th of December 2017. This will be followed by evaluation and screening by experts from December 11th – 18th 2017 and online pitch session December 20, 2017. and lastly will be the Grand finale which will be set for a later date in January 2018.


Startups willing to participate must fulfil the following:

  •  be in Fintech Domain, 
  • be at an MVP stage or later (preferably with influence in terms of clients/revenue), 
  • be no more than 3 years in development, 
  • have a significant Target Audience with the intention to go global and
  • have at least 2 people working on it.


10th of December 2017.

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