internship (HNG) finally comes to an end

The internship which was launched about three months back has finally come to an end. The software development and design internship by was done in partnership with Oracle, Figma and Bluechip Technologies. And it has a goal to find the most talented designers and developers in Africa.

The modality is that there is a giant slack channel where up to 3000 people started and getting on weekly coding and design tasks. With those who succeed at the tasks remaining in the internship, while those who do not are removed from the channel. As they proceed in the internship, they get harder and harder tasks, and the final task is usually very complex.

One very applauding move is that all the interns are paid as they work, right from the beginning of the programme. The payments were put in place so that everyone can provide power, internet and other neccessities, and nobody is unduly disadvantaged. partnered with 15 hubs and co-working spaces where the interns could be.

Why this is such a big deal is that the internship has always, and is still building the bests of developers and designers. A lot of these get hired not too long from the end of the internship. It helps improve talent amongst young people, and nurture them while also providing opportunities.

Only 28 people (out of the initial 3000) completed the internship, and it’ll be safe to say these are some of the “best upcoming talents in Nigeria” just as Mark Essien (founder and CEO of puts it.

Right now, just keep your heads up and your fingers crossed for the next internship as it keeps getting better every year. You get to work on Git using Github, PHP with Laravel, MySQL, Oracle JET and design using Figma. All is takes is your time, internet and dedication.