Startups Launchpad Accelerator

#LaunchpadForAfrica: Meet the 12 startups graduating from Google’s accelerator programme

#LaunchpadForAfrica is a regional acceleration programme which has been designed for top early-stage African startups. The program was announced on at the Google for Nigeria event by Google CEO Sundar Pichai, on 27th July 2017. And it runs out of Lagos, Nigeria.

Today, on the back of applications and participation in the program, Google is graduating 12 African startups. Having gone through a 3-month acceleration programme targeted at connecting startups across the continent to the best of Google.


Startups selected three months back and graduating today include:

Babymigo (Nigeria): A social community for expecting mothers and young parents.

Kudi (Nigeria): An AI-powered chatbot that provides access to electronic banking and financial services.

OkadaBooks (Nigeria): An an e-publishing platform that allows users easily create, spread and sell their stories/books/documents online. (Nigeria): An online savings platform that allows users securely save money periodically till they reach a savings target.

Riby (Nigeria): A peer-to-peer finance management systems platform for cooperatives and their members that allows them to plan, save, borrow, and collaborate.

Thrive Agric (Nigeria): A platform that crowdfunds investments for smallholder farmers, and provides this to them in form of inputs, tech-driven advisory and access to market.

Flexpay (Kenya): An automated and secured finance management platform for business owners.

Pezesha (Kenya): A peer-to-peer microlending marketplace that uses credit and data analytics to connect lenders with low-income borrowers

OMG Digital (Ghana): A media platform that provides entertaining content for African millennials.

swiftVEE (South Africa): A platform that connects livestock agencies to a network of buyers and sellers.

TangoTv (Tanzania): A media streaming and video on demand (VoD) service for African films and shows.

Teheca (Uganda): Teheca helps families and individuals find the right health care providers/workers in Uganda