Meet the finalists of the GIST Tech-I competition

Finalists of the GIST Tech-I Competition, an annual competition for science and technology entrepreneurs from emerging economies worldwide have been released. This is after an intense voting round which was able to pull over 200,000 votes around the world.

Organized by the U.S. Department of State, the newly announced 2018 GIST Tech-I Finalists, 10 in number, represent eight countries from around the world and have created startups or ideas (as required) in many different sectors.

As tradition demands, the 10 finalists were selected based on their review by the GIST Tech-I Alumni Mentors, while also putting into consideration their performance during the GIST Tech-I public vote, letting the public also let in their opinion.

Applications started on the 26th of January, lasting through February 22. A total of 106 semifinalists embarked on a campaign to advertise their projects and urging people who find them innovative, to vote in the GIST Tech-I competition.

These newest Tech-I Finalists would undergo an online training after which they’ll fly to Istanbul, Turkey to take part in the 2018 Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2018. At this congress, the finalists will be beneficiaries of a one-day of intensive entrepreneurial skills training, which comes with mentorship and the opportunity to network with global leaders in their fields. At the end, the GIST Tech-I Finals will come as a live pitch in the presence of a panel of expert judges. The judges would make the final decision on who will return home with the capital seed prizes that will go a long way to grow the business.


Meet The Finalists

Iheb Eddine Imad – Algeria – Student @ work
Sector: Information Technology and Communication
– Student @ work will facilitate the connection of companies to students for work opportunities, like internships and freelance jobs.

Jafar Albadarneh – Jordan – ARtour
Sector: Information Technology and Communication
– An online platform that helps museums and tourist sites improve visiting experiences through Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

Okey Esse – Nigeria – Peachwater Consulting
Sector: Energy and Materials
– an ultra-clean smoke free cook stove with a built-in, self-powered control unit that sends real time data over the web and to android devices.

Paul Semivumbi – Rwanda – With-Zero Pollution
Sector: Environment
With-Zero Pollution helps to recycle waste paper and other dirty paper bags into new, usable paper and paper bags.

Sadaf Naz – Pakistan – Her Ground
Sector: Health Care/Medical
– Her Ground enables women to easily choose a date and delivery time for their menstrual hygiene products by ordering online, or through WhatsApp or text message in Pakistan. The market here is huge because users in the country don’t have such access.

Shahd Douglas – Jordan – TechTeb
Sector: Health Care/Medical
– A mobile app that allows users to book medical appointments at home. It allows to sort by location, health care provider and medical specialties.

Sylvia Azi – Nigeria –
Sector: Information Technology and Communications
– an online writing service that offers users the ability to request custom content from a pool of talented writers.

Taeef Najib – Bangladesh – Ghoorni
Sector: Information Technology and Communications
– is a campus-based classified ads platform for university students in Bangladesh. It allows students to search for ads posted by fellow students and outsiders at their university campus.

Wassim El Hariri – Lebanon – SASHA
Sector: Health Care/Medical
– SASHA is an automated robot that can pick, sort and serve meals to patients in hospitals. It can also eliminate errors in meal distribution.

Zulkhaidir Purwanto – Indonesia – Mac Beanbag
Sector: Environment
– An eco-friendly and locally made bean bag chairs in Indonesia.


Date of final is set at Monday, April 16, 2018 – 09:00