nHub launches Kepler-X, to train secondary school students in tech

nHub in Jos has always been a force and doing great things in the ecosystem. Right from being a breeding ground for developers to launching a developer outsourcing service, and now choosing to take web development to secondary school students.

According to a blog post, Kepler-X was birthed 50 minutes after discussions “on the need to improve secondary education in Nigeria, starting with our state. We concluded on how we can create access to the needed resources and provide digital education to selected students as a pilot initiative.”

“One of the mandate and goals at nHub is to make Plateau state a global tech outsourcing hub, Kepler-X would guarantee an increase in the number of developers and tech enthusiasts within the state. It would be a three year initiative with each year adding a total of 170 developers to the ecosystem.”

Via this, the organizers believe they are “catching them young”. They would be working with SS2 students as they believe they are between new entry into senior secondary and the finalists preparing for their exit examination. They hope that, by 2023, 510 software developers, innovators and digital enthusiasts would have been injected into the Plateau tech ecosystem.

This would be a great leap of tech in the state, and is poised to position the state as one of the biggest tech outsourcing state in the nearest future. These students are expected to continue in this line as nHub is working on a plan to further their education in tech once they graduate from secondary school.