Ogun to host Tech idea challenge for tertiary institutions students

With the number of tertiary institutions in Ogun state (they have the highest number in Nigeria), it is only wise if this number is turned into an asset. Especially in a fast growing and burgeoning sector – Technology. And yes, that is exactly what they’ve put in place to do. How?

TechChallengeOgun comes as a startup competition that seeks to engage student at tertiary institutions students within the State, to compete. They would be doing this by developing their own ideas. An idea that helps to impact their immediate society, industry and commerce of the state and nation at large is what is required.

Being a 2 day event, the TechChallengeOgun will bring together, in selected students, various entrepreneurs and start-up founders, business development managers, creative experts, and web and mobile application developers. These people would help turn the selected embryonic ideas into functional sustainable and commercially viable prototypes.

Ogun Tech challenge

In just 48 hrs, the selected students’ ideas will be passed through a series of stages in a bid to build a functional prototype. It is this prototype that will be pitched to a group of select judges at the end of the closing session; From the pool of potential applications, the best 5 start-ups will be selected and nurtured to realize the full potentials in the VerveTreeHub – Technology Business Incubator.

One important thing you should know is that, no coding skills are required to apply for the TechChallengeOgun. You’ll get to meet up with other creators, developers and business experts to create an innovative solution via networking, skills building, mentoring and access to financing to develop startup solutions that addresses economic and developmental challenges.

So, this might just be a chance to show how innovative students can be if given a chance. Let’s solve some problems, shall we? Apply HERE