How to apply for funding at Blackstage Capital

It is quite uncommon to see venture capital firms focusing their search on  founders from a particular race or colour. Well, you just got one.

Backstage Capital as a venture capital firm, invests in the best underrepresented founders. In their own beliefs, some of the most successful companies in the future will be founded by people who don’t look like the ones we currently see in the press and on the portfolio pages of other VC firms.

Backstage capital reviews applications on particular set dates, and the next is already set at July 2018. Hence, you can submit an application to the firm at any time, and be rest assured that it’ll be reviewed. The firm is the most recent investor in Solstice energy solutions, a startup that helps people manage electricity better.

The firm has a mission of helping underestimated founders succeed. In lieu of this, it is important to know that if this timing doesn’t work for closing your current funding round, you are advised to move ahead  while looking at a future possibility.

1. Follow this link to the application page.
2. Click the “Apply Now” button, which will link you to the GUST site.
3. Complete the GUST application – answer as best you can. You are encouraged to upload a deck if you have one.
4. All applications are reviewed and founders are contacted if there’s interest in learning more.
5. You can update the information in GUST whenever you want. Be sure to make a note of your login info.

Good thing is, application is continuous. So, people, go get them funds.