Startup Lagos is a grassroots network of entrepreneurs (Startups, SME’s ) working together to build an environment for entrepreneurship in Nigeria. brought to you by Prime Startups

We want to see more tech-enabled companies start and scale in Nigeria! Supporting entrepreneurs as they build and grow tech-enabled products & companies is at the heart of StartupLagos

We are a community and information platform, known for its end-to-end coverage of the Nigerian startup ecosystem. We work with the mission to empower, connect & grow the Nigerian Startup Ecosystem by providing a deep understanding of the startup ecosystem through insightful stories , opinions and data-backed news and analysis.

We are an  authoritative voice of the Nigerian Startup Ecosystem and it has brought to light the amazing stories of thousands of startups, entrepreneurs, technological innovations, businesses and many other constituents of the startup ecosystem.

Starting 5 years ago from scratch, Startup Lagos is fast becoming the gateway to the Nigerian startup ecosystem.