8 Startups enabling social Good in Nigeria

There is a new generation of entrepreneurs which are springing up in our ecosystem and country at large, they are called the social impact entrepreneurs. These set of people provide solutions to very pressing social problems in the country, and make money doing so.


It is expected that the sole purpose of a startup should not just be making profits, but also making impacts. As much as you want to make money, do you impact lives or solve an actual problem doing what you do? Well, these ones listed below do. They are doing the public social good.


  1. Kangpe

Kangpe is helping to bridge the gap between Doctors and patients. The platform and mobile app allows you to ask health questions anonymously, and get your answers from real and verified doctors in less than 10 minutes. It does the social good of improving access to health and health facilities in the country.

Founder: Dr. Femi Kuti


  1. donate-ng

The donate-ng platform seems to be the easiest way to raise money for friends who need help, personal causes and charitable projects. A quick look at their website would reveal that they have raised funds for some very great projects. From  medical funds, to academics and support for IDPs.
Founders:  Segun Olojo-Kosoko, Ayodele Amusa, Olakunle Olayinka, and Aheeb Afeez.


  1. Lifebank

LifeBank which was recently in the news for raising $200,000 in seed round, is a startup focused on developing a smarter way to deliver blood to  hospitals in Nigeria. They help to transport blood and other life saving materials to where they are needed in the country. No doubt, a lot of life have been saved as a result.

Founder: Temie Giwa-Tubosun


  1. Mother’s delivery kit

Mother’s delivery kit is working to reduce Nigeria’s high maternal and infant mortality rates . Many deaths are avoidable through the use of clean, sterile equipment and basic training of birth attendants. The startup provides a comprehensive sterilized delivery kit containing essential items, some of which are missing from other similar kits.
Also, they train the TBAs, provide immunization calendars and carry out evaluation of impact.

Founder: Adepeju Jaiyeoba


  1. Flying Doctors Nigeria

Flying Doctors Nigeria (FDN) is a Medical Emergency Service that specializes in air ambulances, medevac, medico-logistics services, remote site medical solutions services, medical infrastructural development and medical training services. Led by Dr. Ola Orekunrin, FDN bridges the gap between customers and emergency services, especially in Nigeria.

Founder: Dr. Ola Orekunrin


  1. Pass.ng

Failure rates in exams keep going higher and higher. It is only pertinent that something is put in place to check that. Pass.ng helps students read and prepare for exams. It is a self-testing online platform in Nigeria which allows users to practice for national exams through interactive modules. These users are mostly students, and their education just got better with this.

Founders: Imole Oluyemi, Samson Abioye (late), Abayomi Akanji and Joshua Adebagb


  1. Mamamoni

Having experienced problems growing up while with a mother who was a widow with no skills to generate income, and no access to finance and feeding, Nkem Okocha founded Mamamoni. The enterprise tries to empower women by training them on vocational skills, teaching financial literacy and getting loans for them to set themselves up.

Founder: Mrs. Nkem Okocha


  1. Paylater

Bank loans are still a sort of problem in Nigeria. Paylater comes in here by providing instant, short term loans to users. People who find themselves in emergency situations can find this handy, or even those who wants to start a business. Basically, access to  loans like this have been improved a lot by Paylater.

Founder: Chijioke Dozie


So, when next you’re thinking of a startup idea, don’t just calculate how much money (or profits) it can make. Try to access how much social good you’re doing the people and your environment. Capish?


Little tip: If you’re solving an actual problem, there’s no way you won’t acquire customers.