TechCrunch Battlefield is coming to Lagos and Sao Paulo

Last year, in Africa, TechCrunch staged the Startup Battlefield competition in Nairobi, Kenya in a bid to find the best early stage startup in Sub-Saharan Africa. They also went to do same at Sydney, Australia, to find the same for Australia and New Zealand. They believe that these communities outside San Francisco or Berlin are thriving but not getting as much support.

At the moment, they have made announcements that they are “stepping up our commitment to emerging ecosystems.”

Partnership with Facebook was made for last year’s Nairobi event and this time, the same partnership has been replicated to make the Battlefield present in three major cities representing regions with vital, emerging startup communities.

In Beirut, TechCrunch’s editors will strive to find the best early-stage startup in the Middle East and North Africa. In São Paulo, the hunt is for the best in Latin America. And in Lagos, Nigeria, TechCrunch will once again find the top startup in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The competition is available for Early-stage startups to apply. After which they will choose 15 companies in each region to compete, and also provide them with travel support for the finalists to reach the host city. Intensive coaching from TechCrunch’s editors to create a perfect pitch would be given to finalists before they take the stage in front of top venture capitalists from the region and around the world.


Winners will receive:

+ $25,000 plus a trip for two to the next TechCrunch Disrupt event

+ free exhibition at the event

+ A chance to be selected to participate in the Startup Battlefield competition associated with that Disrupt.

Dates have not been finalized YET, but you can apply HERE.