VC4Africa launches live “index” service to track SME funding trends

VC4A, a platform that aggregates companies’ details and that of the founders including the amount of money raised has released the first of its kind visual Index of venture finance data, powered by VC4A Trends. The VC4A trends is an industry leading source of open data—together with a free and open source developer toolkit.

Going by the rate at which SMEs are raising funding every now and then, it is only pertinent to have such real time tracker, which VC4A has provided. This would allow a proper documentation of funding data.

According to a blogpost released, “With more than 10,000 registered ventures spanning the continent, and more being added every day, VC4A is the world’s largest single database of African startups.”

“This puts us in a unique position to answer these and many other questions. As a first step, today we’re introducing the VC4A Index—an intuitive, highly visual, free service that allows anyone to explore SME financing trends across the continent. All the figures provided by the Index are based on up-to-the-minute, live data sourced directly from the VC4A platform.”

This new update would allow a more open space for the thousands of organizations and individuals who have gained or look to gain very valuable insights in the African venture finance ecosystem.