Jos based hub, nHub launches developer outsourcing service

“Talent is evenly distributed, opportunity is not”, is a popular quote by a Nigerian tech company. This is entirely true as we can claim host to a lot of skilled and talented developers, but a lot of these do not have the opportunity (or gigs) to prove their worth. And when they do, they are usually underpaid.

Jos based innovation hub, nHub have spent the last three years upskilling youths in software development, and making sure these young people use their skills locally rather than leaving for bigger cities. They have, in furtherance of what they do, launched a developer outsourcing service. This would be done remotely.

According to the CEO of nHub, Daser David, speaking on their first intention of just building products for the Nigerian market and how that has evolved said, “We thought that would be robbing the state of these talents. Also, because we want these trained youths to be mentors to upcoming youths, sending them out is not going to sustain the ecosystem,”

“Our best bet is to offer them on remote placements, knowing that we would still have them to inspire the next cohorts. So we took this option. This year alone we have received calls on a daily basis for their services.”

The newly launched outsourcing service entailed nHub creating a new office for developers working on remote jobs. With this, David expects to be sustainable.